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If you are over quota and having problems emptying your folders
please read section 14 of our WebMail FAQ

On October 9, 2013, we made major updates to the mail server as well as the webmail application. We will be adding additional storage space in the coming days. If you have any trouble with your account after this upgrade, please call us at 212.982.9800.

SpamAssassin mail filtering is now enabled by default for your account. If for any reason you wish to disable this, first log into your account, then:

  • Click on Options (top of page)
  • Click Spam Filtering/SpamAssassin Configuration
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Select Don't Filter from the Spam Score dropdown menu
  • Click the Save Settings button below the checkbox.

You can change the behavior of your SpamAssassin filter on the same option screen.
Bway's SpamAssassin now also removes virus-infected emails from your
mailbox - see the options page referenced above for more information.

If you have a problem using webmail or want to send a comment or suggestion, please email webmail@bway.net.